Telephone Choir (2014)
우리는 노래할 준비가 되어있다 | Telephones are ready to sing
Sound installation_20 corded telephones, capacitors, resistors, relays and sensors_dimensions variable

이제는 잘 사용하지 않는 유선전화기를 개조하여 전화기가 가진 ‘Sounder’의 본질적인 면을 탐구한다. 마치 미로처럼 흩어진 전화기들의 배열 사이로 관객들이 지나가게 되면 그 움직임에 반응해 전화벨소리가 울린다. 전화기에 있는 기존 사운드 칩에 Capacitor 같은 작은 부품들을 교체하여 전화기마다 조금씩 다른 소리를 만들어내고, 분해된 부품들을 살짝 변형된 형태로 재조립하였다. 이곳 저곳에서 간헐적으로 들리는 벨소리는 관객의 움직임, 엠비언스 등 연극적인 장치들과 어우러져 소리장치로써의 새로운 역할을 수행한다.

With a little DIY electronics hacking like a replacement of capacitors corded telephones can turn into an interesting sound device. It already has audio circuits, a microphone and speakers in it. 20 corded telephones are hacked and sound different from each other. Parts of telephones are dismantled and rearranged in a new way. They can make their own sound and have their own unique appearances. Every hacked telephone has an infrared sensor that can detect audiences and trigger sound. Telephones are placed like a maze on the floor and audiences can roam around there and make telephones sound. Telephones sounds are produced here and there by audiences’ movement and it creates a theatrical atmosphere. Corded telephone can play a new role as a sounder and break its original purpose. And it could be one of serendipity of this work.

[Sounding Sounder], 2013 서울문화재단 유망예술지원 문래예술공장 MAP 프로젝트
Group exhibition, Munllae Art Factory, Seoul, South Korea
Supported by SFAC(Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture) Artist support project, MAP(Mullae Arts Plus), Mullae Art Factory, Seoul, South Korea
2014.01.22 - 2014.01.30